Taking the wheels off a Lamborgini

October 1 2014
Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

Would we buy Lamborghini, spend all that money in fine tuning the engine, learning to drive like a trans-am winner and then take off the wheels to race?

Replying to phone calls and emails, not turn up even! (personal brand) are taking off the wheels and its still surprises me how many people do this no matter their level of Marketing/Business education.

Often it’s not intentional and people just forget because they are busy and have no mal intent at all .


1. Act immediately;
1.1. Either reply
1.2. Mark – “unread” on an email if you know you have to take action on it but cant at that time.
1.3. Send a holding sms/email. “I am busy and will get back to you”. (then mark it unread)

2. If we can’t turn up, then make sure to advise in advance and reschedule immediately

3 If we mess up (and we all do) acknowledge it and refine your process even consider a small “sorry” gift depending on this size of the mistake

Anyone else have tips they use?

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