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October 23 2014
Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

During a recent catch up with a colleague who is my BNI chapter (Networking group www.bni-me.com) we began talking about his life goals. It turns out, that one of his dreams is to play the saxophone. His frustration was that while he can buy saxophones in Dubai, he couldn’t find anyone to teach him. He told me with frustration, how he had exhausted all avenues from expat websites to speaking to the vendors for tips.

I told him I didn’t know anyone either but would be happy to post on his behalf on my Facebook profile. While he had an account he didn’t see the value of Facebook.

So an hour later I posted on my newsfeed and yes, you guessed it someone immediately replied saying they could connect him to a local instructor. This in itself is not so surprising. What was shocking was that the person who replied meets weeks weekly with both myself and the other person in our BNI chapter.

This shows just one of the potentials of the two systems working in harmony.
A broadcasted message, which can be assessed, and run through the readers internal filters. Thereby accessing experience and knowledge we may never uncover. This combined with the offline relationship that makes the reader able to help and willing to help.

The next morning (and as I sit here) I note that my colleague has rejoined Facebook and has “friended” me.

On this occasion this was a personal/life goal. As I tell my clients this combination also works with business Goals.

Do you have a similar story?

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