Making Money v/s Losing Money

October 1 2014
Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

There are only 2 activities in Business; making money and losing money.

We recently had this conversation in our Referrals for Life Community meeting and it was so powerful for the members we decided to share it with you. One of our members goes even further. Rakesh Rachwani founder and Managing Partner of Compass Financial Services marks out his diary in the following ways.


Making Money Activities

  • All client meetings (money making exercise )
  • New prospect, RP /RS meetings and networking and you definitely have to check that;
  • Referral Institute training /BNI

Note:┬ánetworking could be in losing or earning money depending on where,who and how. This is part of his coaching ­čÖé

Losing Money Activities

  • Admin and other work (as what I should outsource)
  • Time wasters
  • mails
  • driving (if self)
  • paperwork
  • online booking
  • phone calls from banker

Many of us say we are too busy . The fact is our “busyness is costing us business”. In many cases we have all the time we need we are simply choosing to spend the time in other activities that we tell ourselves we need to do.

Thanks to Rakesh for sharing and do you do anything else we could share?

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