Walk the Talk for Success in Business

July 3 2017
Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

No matter how good a company or individual claims their service or product is. Invariably it is in “walking the talk” that we see the true meaning of a person or businesses metal.

“Actions speak louder than words” is the quotation we all know.

In my years in business, I have often seen companies charging premiums rates because of their exemplary service or product. They quite happily charge the client extra and chalk it down to these added extras.

The interesting part comes when you dig deeper. Who are the companies suppliers and how are they treated. Does the company pay for the best or do they suddenly become price motivated rather than be quality motivated when it comes to their own pockets? Surely suppliers chosen on price will have a knock on effect on the end-users end product or service.

It’s the same in the Training/Educational arena

I regularly see coaches/trainers who preach that in the current climate “Training of staff is the solution ” ( which by the way I agree with ). They as instructors are not investing in expanding their knowledge.

I hear them complaining that the clients will not invest in their staff and yet these trainers rarely invest in themselves. They are not walking the talk.

As the markets change, we need to change with them and pull on new and often slightly different methods of working to provide the best service or product. We as trainers need to continue our education. By continuing our education in our area of expertise or expanding into others to get a broader picture to help provide a more holistic approach.

If it is a matter of finance, then I would suggest other options. Look at payments schemes or even barters but whatever do not stop learning.

I have seen “trainers” instructing their clients on timekeeping, delegation, and staff retention and yet they are themselves incapable of making meetings, delegating or keeping staff.

One of the main challenges with training and education as an industry is it is an intangible product in so many ways. We are most probably our own greatest sales tool or asset, and it is paramount to our own business, self-respect and our clients that we “walk the talk”.

In relationship marketing your reputation is everything. You need credibility to move into profitability. Once lost Credibility can be almost impossible to recover.

The safest bet is to be doing it right from the start.

You owe it to yourself and whoever is referring you. After all, the referrer is putting their reputation on the line by recommending you.

Do you believe it is important to walk the talk?

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