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June 9 2015
Phil Bedford Written by Phil Bedford

One of the things I have noticed as a trainer, is that when we see people taking notes “writing’ we are happy because we are getting through to them. What we are saying is important. If we see them doing the same thing on their mobile phone , often my first thought is they are on social media and I think “how rude” even if they maybe taking notes in reality.

It’s an interesting dynamic that is now present in our society.

Even when we are in a classroom and learning, the other students are watching us and our Brand is also at play. If they look at us and we are on our phones they may also be thinking we are on social media or answering texts and maybe thinking “how rude”.

Another distraction for people taking notes on electronic devises is that with all the “alerts “ we are subjected to we will often be encouraged to leave our note taking and learning, to check out the latest post of Facebook or Twitter.

Posts that will still be there during the break or after the session but we are often addicted to the answer. In fact, studies have shown that when we see messages endorphins are released, this is in fact a drug that excites us. So we just have to look right?

These days I make it a point as a student to write thing by hand and then transfer them to an electronic device so that my brand is not called into question and also so the instructor who can often be influential is respected in his or her teachings.

On top of all this Scientists from UCLA have proved that people who write things down as opposed to typing, actually retain more information and get better results.

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