How To Build A World Record Breaking Network

Runtime 4m 50s · Views 8 · March 30, 2014

Imagine the powerful network you can build after breaking a world record for a special cause and then contacting a wish-list of influential people for support.

Katie Pattison-Hart rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean as part of a 5 woman team raising awareness for the world-wide problem of human trafficking.

Now she has

• A world record breaking name.
• The ability to contact anyone anywhere for help with her charity.
• A guaranteed level of media visibility from which the public, potential sponsors and future joint venture partners can start making connections.

You won’t believe who is now on her contact database. An amazing woman, an incredible story and a true networker.

You can follow the amazing Katie Pattison-Hart on Twitter @Pattisonhart and learn more about her incredible sporting feat at

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